5 Tips To Make Your Flight More Comfortable


We all know that flying long distances can be very uncomfortable and even painful. With all the noise happening around you, the upright seats which seem to get as hard as stone by the end of the trip, and the list goes on. Luckily there are some things that we can do to make our flights (especially our longer flights) more comfortable.

Below are 5 tips to make your flight more comfortable and ultimately more enjoyable.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Sometimes we concentrate on looking presentable and don’t think about comfort. Ever been at an airport and you see someone wearing sweat pants and a comfortable looking sweater or fleece? You think to yourself, that must be so comfortable. So why not wear these clothes too?

Travel Pillow

Airlines these days often do not provide pillows for their passengers. This is why it is so important for you to bring your own. A travel pillow can help you sleep better as well as possibly preventing soreness in the neck.

Lose Weight

In another cost cutting exercise by airlines to fit more seats in a plane, they have made the seats narrower. So if you are overweight and sometimes even just a little, this can make the seat a tight squeeze. Try using weight loss shakes for a few days before your flight for that little bit of extra comfort.

Bring A Good Travel Mask And Ear Plugs

These are things that many people do not think of until it is too late. You are about to go to sleep on the plane and see other people putting on their face mask and ear plugs and then it hits you. Why didn’t I bring those too? A good travel mark can help you sleep by dimming the light around you and can help you sleep at any time. Same goes for the ear plugs, there is a lot of noise in a plane, ear plugs sure do help.

Bring Something To Do

Often we concentrate so much on bringing our passports, and make sure we pack everything. Then we forget about something to do on the plane. Luckily, many planes these days have personal screens on the back of each seat so you can watch movies. But, there are still many planes flying today that have no entertainment system at all. So bring a iPad or something similar.





4 Annoying Things You Experience When You Fly


Anyone who has traveled a long haul flight at least a couple of times, you will probably know exactly what I mean when you go through the list below. There are many things that people do that can be annoying and when flying these annoyances become far worse being stuck in a tube flying high from the ground.

Here is a list of the 4 things that I found most annoying while flying.

Long Airport Line Ups

There is nothing more frustrating than a long line up at an airport. You have already been traveling for countless hours and now you have to wait in a line up for another couple of hours. I have experienced very long line ups in the past. And it seems to be the more in a rush you are, the longer line up is there. And this goes for airline line ups and customs line ups. In my experience, some of the longest customs line ups have been in the US. But other countries also have long line ups so don’t think that you will get through without a wait somewhere else. In regards to airline lines ups, get to the airport early and there shouldn’t be a line up. This way you go straight to the check in counter and you’ll get to enjoy a coffee with your free time.

Sitting Next To Larger Passengers

Not sure it there is anything worse than when you are looking for your seat and realize there is a very large overweight person taking up half of your seat. So you try to squeeze into your seat and basically be in an even tighter environment than normal for a long trip. An option you have is to talk to a flight attendant privately to see if you can swap seats if there are some free. Often they won’t let you change until you have taken off so you might need to push through it for about 30 minutes or so.

People Crowding The Baggage Carrousel

Have you ever waited for your luggage to come up on to the carrousel only to find that when your baggage comes out you can’t get to it? It happens more often then you may think. I have missed my suitcase a couple of times and had to wait until it comes out again. Also had a few close calls where I was only just able to squeeze through and get my baggage in time. It’s simple, stand a few steps back from the carrousel, when you see your suitcase get it quickly, then step out of the way. If everyone followed this process, things would be much smoother.

The Stinky Passenger

I think that we have all experienced this weather on a plane, public transport, etc. In a plane however, it seems so much worse as you are stuck with this person for such a long time. This includes passengers who have literally had their last puff of a cigarette seconds before they board the plane. People common! Please shower before you fly, carry deodorant with you (obviously not a spray can as they are not allowed on planes) and take some mints to freshen your breath.


It’s Not Safe Flying With These Conditions

Safe to fly

We all get really excited before we get on a plane. Well…at least if we are on vacation. But before we fly, it is important to know when we cannot fly. So if you have one of the conditions below, I would strongly recommend that you see your doctor before flying. Your health may depend on it. So if you have one of the following, I would reconsider flying at least in the short term. While this list is not complete, it is a good start.

Ear Infections

If you have an ear infection it may cause a lot of pain and discomfort during takeoff and landing. Depending on the severity of the infection, you may get pain from a mild discomfort to extreme pain where you will want a drip feed of pain killers right away. So if you are concerned about your ear infection, see your doctor. Same story here if you are planning on diving with an ear infection, it will be very painful to decent and ascend out of the water.

Breast Enhancement Surgery

If you are planning on getting breast enhancement surgery, make sure you don’t plan a flight within a few days after the surgery. Flying soon after surgery can cause complications to the surgery and can cause a hematoma. Generally you need to wait at least two days but can be as long as 2 weeks depending on the surgery and how it went. It is always best to first get clearance to fly from your surgeon before you do. Consider other options such as breast enhancement creams as a safer option which will allow you to fly right away. You also may not be able to fly after having other surgeries. Again, see your doctor/surgeon.


While it is generally accepted that it is ok to fly in your early stages of pregnancy, many will not fly after around month 6. Some believe that it is completely safe while others would never dare do it. So this one is up for debate, but either way, you probably shouldn’t fly when you’re about to give birth any day. What if you go into labor in the plane? Think about it! And definitely ask your doctor for professional advice before flying.

Flying With Children

Flying with childrenFlying with children is a bit of a hot topic. And I’m writing this post after a recent flight I was on. Let’s face it, when we see a small child boarding the plane, we privately hope – ‘keep walking, don’t stop anywhere near me’. Then they find their seat which is almost right next to yours. Then you think that your international flight is completely ruined.

But, not all kids are really noisy on a plane. And it’s hardly their fault. A plane is not exactly a mentally stimulating place. Basically you can read, watch a movie, or sleep. There really isn’t much for a kid to do on a plane. And this makes it really hard for parents. They have to pay extra to access games which the kids can play. Then 20 minutes later when the kids are bored of the games, they want to do something else.

There is barely any room for parents and their kids to move around the plane. Then there is diaper change time. Have you ever even noticed the change tables? That’s because they are small. Really small. It required some effort to change their kids diapers on a plane. And you know what international flight bathrooms are like, they are nice and clean for around 30 minutes. Then it looks like someone has had their way in there. I wouldn’t want to be changing any diapers in there.

Sometimes when I am on a plane I hear another adult going off at the parents of kids totally unnecessarily. This is not always the case, once in a while I wanted to tell the parents off as they made no effort to take control of their kids. Let’s try to respect each other a little more.

So next time you fly with noisy kids around you, try to think, if it’s bad for you, the parents would be suffering much worse. They don’t get a choice when they can sleep or do anything. They need to tend to their young children. The parents are trying their best, so try to respect that and lets all get along in the plane.

Skin Care Tips For Flying


For the best advice on skin care tips and products, we look to the professionals in the area. Flight attendants. They always manage to look really healthy and will great bright looking skin. So how do they do it? Seems like if we flew half as much as they did, we would look twice as bad! Dry skin has its problems. It can lead to stretch marks occurring easier and itchiness. If you are flying while pregnant for example, you should really make sure you remain hydrated to help avoid stretch marks.

Below we reveal some of the flight attendants secrets to looking great while traveling. A couple of these are pretty obvious but we still sometimes need reminding.


This is the most obvious one in the list. Drink plenty of water while flying. The air on planes is air-conditioned and seriously dehydrated our skin. And with the long international flight we travel on, it is very tempting to choose free beer or wine over water. I must admit, I am definitely guilty of this! So if we must have alcohol on our flights, make sure you drink plenty of water also. So for every beer, have about 2 glasses of water.

Evian Spray Bottle

This is a quick and easy way of making our skin look hydrated. What’s better is that it actually works. All you need to do is spray this onto your face for a refreshed looking face. Carry a bottle of this next time you fly but make sure if fits in with airline regulations before buying your bottle.


Seeing as the air on planes is so dry, along with water try to carry on moisturizer. If possible, both face cream and hand moisturizer. And use these whenever needed, if you start to feel your skin getting dry that would be your cue. It would be better though to moisturize before this point.

Avoid The Foundation

The day of flying, avoid the foundation. Foundation will help dehydrate your skin so it is important to skip it on flying days. If you are meeting your special someone when you land, perhaps put on the foundation just before landing or in the airport before you exit the gates.



5 Healthy Snacks To Bring On Your Next Plane Trip


Have you ever gotten onto your long haul flight and when you received your meal, you remembered that you don’t actually like aeroplane food? It’s an ‘oh no’ moment. So we are here to help you with ideas for healthy snacks on the plane before your trip. This way it will be able to help you sleep better and feel better rather than feeling sick from all the salt and other nasties that are in plane food.

Just be aware that most of these items will not be able to come off the plane with you at your destination due to quarantine regulations. Each country is different with their regulations, but as a general rule of thumb and to be safe, you cannot bring food into another country.

Here are 5 snacks that taste good, can be brought onto a plane, and are actually healthy.

Trail Mix

Trail mix is a very tasty and reasonably healthy snack for when you are on the go. Great for the plane too. It takes a while to eat so will keep you busy for longer while you are enjoying your food. Try to get the unsalted trail mix type to make the snack healthier and it will cause less dehydration.


Fruit is a big no no if you are trying to bring it into another country, so you will definitely need to consume all your fruit before landing at your destination. Fruit is a great and healthy snack with natural sugars that are actually good for you. Much better option than the desert airlines give you on planes.

Homemade Protein Bars

Ever thought of making your own snacks to take with you? Homemade protein bars are full of healthy ingredients (as long as you make them right) which will keep you full for a long time and are easy to carry on board. If you are interested, here are some healthy protein bar recipes you can try. Good protein bars will have around 20g of protein that will keep you full for longer.

Beef Jerky

For those of you that are looking for a savoury snack, ever tried beef jerky? It may be a little too salty for some people, but they are high in protein and will help keep you full for longer.


A simple one but a good one. Make a couple of sandwiches before you go to the airport and put them in hand luggage for your trip. If you’re like me, I like to make my sandwiches with plenty of healthy ingredients and these sandwiches will make you feel far better than the lunch you would have received on the plane.

Remember, all airlines and countries have different quarantine regulations and policies, before bringing any snack on board a plane, please double check with your airline if it is allowed.

Happy flying.