Spending time in the cabin of an airplane on a regular basis does nothing good for your skin. With carefully controlled and pressurized air, the interior of a plane is dry, unforgiving, and unkind. If you’re a frequent flyer, chances are you’re familiar with boarding a plane with your skin feeling fabulous… and feeling like it’s going to split when you disembark a few hours later. Over the course of a flight, the very low humidity inside the plane causes dehydration, dryness, and sometimes even excess oil. How do you manage these harmful skin effects if you can’t skip flying? Here are a few tips to keep your skin feeling youthful and fresh while flying.

Skip Your Makeup Routine

Although you might apply makeup anytime before heading out of the house, it’s important that you leave your face bare when preparing to board a plane. You can use a quick mascara application, or a simple lip gloss, but otherwise, don’t apply foundation, eye shadow, blush, or anything else from your usual routine. Make sure these are a part of your regular skincare routine. As your face dries out over the course of a flight, the humid air will cause adverse effects: cracks will appear, you’ll develop an entirely different pallor, and your makeup won’t appear as smooth as it did hours before when applied. Instead, keep your face fresh and clean so you can fight dryness during the flight.

Moisturize in Preparation

Next, it’s important to fight the dryness of a plane flight by moisturizing ahead of time. Before you head out the door to catch your flight, apply a protective moisturizer after washing your face. Choose one with antioxidants, which help protect against UV rays and damaging air chemicals that can appear in closed environments like airplane cabins. While you fly, the moisturizer will help keep your skin fresh and hydrated as it fights dry air.

Drink Up

Hydrating your entire body keeps your skin glowing and looking beautiful – and this is extra true when facing the dry air in a plane. Drink as much water as possible while flying; bring a refillable water bottle, or ask for water as your beverage when the flight attendants come by. The more you drink, the better your skin will feel. Oh, and avoid alcohol, as cocktails tend to dehydrate the body and will leave your skin completely free of moisture.