I think that it is safe to say that most of us have a love and hate relationship with flying. Unless flying on a business trip, our flight takes us on vacation or to see friends and family we haven’t seen in years. But there are a few downsides to flying such as long airport line ups, cramped seats, and long travel times just to mention some. But there are some more serious downsides such as medical issues like deep vein thrombosis (DVT). This is especially relevant when flying on longer flights and stretching and exercising while on the plane can help with this. If you have any concerns at all about DVT though, you should see your doctor for professional advice.

What are some great exercises for your next plane trip? Well, for starters, you could try some of these.

Get Up And Walk Around

Airline seats are pretty cramped unless of course if you are in business or first class. But either way, it is important to get up and walk around. Try and drink a lot of water so you need to go to the bathroom frequently. And when you get up, do some exercises and stretches. More on this later…


While you are up and walking around, this is a great opportunity to do some stretching. Make sure though the plane is not going turbulence and that the fasten seat belt light is off. You don’t want to fall. Some great stretches are, bend down and try reach your toes, stand on your tippy toes and then flat footed, then repeat around 30 times. Another one is to stretch your quads. While standing, grab one of your feet behind you and feel the stretch. Try experimenting with stretches, they make you feel great afterwards.

Lifting Your Legs

While you are sitting in your seat, a great exercise is to lift your legs up and down. Try to do it in a manner in which you are not going to be bumping the seat in front of you. We all know that can get pretty annoying. Great thing about this exercise is that you don’t even need to stop watching your movie. Try lifting your legs around 30 times in a row, then take a break. You can repeat as often as you like.

Lifting With Your Fists

While you are sitting, try putting your fists on your own chair and lift yourself up with your arms. Make sure to have your feet in the air also. You may need to learn forward a little. If you repeat this exercise several times, you will really start to feel the workout. You’ll be ripped in no time! (Results may vary ) If you can, try holding for around 30 seconds at a time.

Exercise Your Ankles

Also while sitting, try lifting your legs a little and rotate your ankles in a circular motion. You can do both ankles at the same time and try doing this for around a minute at a time. It will actually make your legs feel so much better afterwards. Give it a try.